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TDA #252409

TCLP #491

LI #8876

Call: 972.625.2767

TDA #252409

TCLP #491

LI #8876


Professional Lawn Maintenance Service: Enjoy a Lush Lawn

Our program provides professional year-round lawn care, to promote a healthy lawn, and create a welcoming outdoor space for your personal enjoyment.Add chemicals, and shrub & bed care, for a Full-Service Program.Convenient Average Monthly Billing


Mowing is performed weekly through the growing season, then bi-weekly, and monthly through the cool season. This allows us to manage the turf height seasonally, to achieve the best possible conditions for a healthy lawn. A healthy lawn is a great defense against weeds.


Seasonal fertilization and weed control are critical to managing the extensive variety of weeds in Texas. Our program includes fertilization, pre-emergent weed control, and post-emergent weed management. Add our optional once yearly Fire Ant Treatment for the full package on chemicals.

Shrubs & Beds

Full-service option includes shrub trimming and weeding of landscape beds. Frequency of shrub trimming varies based on type of shrubs and seasonal growth characteristics. Shape and size of shrubbery is determined by you – once we learn your preferences, we keep it the way you like! Landscape beds are hand weeded or sprayed on a regular basis.

Life is busy enough without having to manage multiple providers to maintain your property’s well-groomed image.

● Allow us to create a personalized program of consistent scheduled care.● Enjoy the convenience of one provider for all your residential lawn and landscape maintenance needs.● As a valued client, you’ll also have exclusive access to our professional landscape design and installation services.● Call TODAY for a Quote.● We’ll take care of the rest.

Texas Department of Agriculture

Commercial Applicators License:#252409

Texas Certified

Landscape Professional: #491

Licensed Irrigator

License: #8876

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